Sorrento: My New Favorite Place

Sorrento: My New Favorite Place

I’ve always wanted to go to the Amalfi Coast/Positano area, but had never even heard of Sorrento. It is a total hidden gem and I would recommend this to anyone who wants that beautiful coast type of Italian vacation!

I do have to admit, some of my favorite places (like Capri!) are not incredibly easy to get to. However, they are absolutely worth the hassle. I took the train from Rome to Napoli Centrale (Naples), which is just a little over an hour with the high speed train. Once you arrive in Naples, you are supposed to (in theory) take the Circumvesuviana, which is the train that takes you to all the little towns on the way to Sorrento, and Sorrento. Not surprisingly, my family had trouble finding it, so we ended up just taking a taxi. It was honestly pretty hilarious, because there were 6 of us and an absurd amount of luggage fitting into a basically 5-seat car. Whoops. We felt a little guilty using one of the non-legit taxis, but it was pretty inexpensive. Still, would recommend figuring out the train and doing that instead. We stayed in the most beautiful and perfect place, the Hotel Bristol Sorrento. The staff, food, location, everything was incredible. Our rooms had stunning views of the cliffs overlooking Naples and Mount Vesuvius, and came with really cute touches like local oranges.

The first day we really just wanted to walk around and get a feel for the city, so we walked with no destination in mind and just saw all the beautiful surroundings. There is literally a gorgeous view around every corner!

We walked all the way down and looked at some of the cute stores, and wanted to find a view of the beach. Once we finally found a good spot, the lighting was perfect! The weather was also really nice- we got lucky. I probably wouldn’t suggest going to the Amalfi coast area before April at least, or it’ll be chilly. Isn’t Mount Vesuvius cool?? Loved getting to see it with such a pretty sunset.

Of course, we had to ask strangers to take family pictures since the atmosphere and lighting were so perfect! Golden hour >>

After that, we walked back to the hotel, which had such a fabulous view and actually delicious food! Here are a few of my favorite shots of the landscape on the way back.

Our second day there, we went to Pompeii! We hired a guide to tour us and drive us from Sorrento, which is honestly the best way to do it. It’s a huge area, so it can be overwhelming if you try to go there on your own not knowing what you want to see. P.S.- our guide recommended we try Da Franco Pizza for lunch, and she delivered. If you go, Da Franco is a total hit and a must!

To anyone wanting to visit Positano/Amalfi Coast area- do it! Make sure to go see Sorrento at some point!


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