Seven Days at Kendra Scott

As many of you know, I have worked as the photography intern at Kendra Scott this summer. It has been the most incredible job I’ve ever had, and I am so sad to have to leave! All of the girls in the KS office have amazing style, and the work attire is just casual stylish! I’ve had a lot of fun playing dress up every day, and put together a week’s worth of some of my favorite work outfits.

Before working here, I didn’t realize KS jewelry was so versatile. I have seen thousands of pieces while here, and am coming to the conclusion that any person with any style can find things they like in the many collections. I’m going to show some of my favorite Kendra Scott pieces, and how I styled them!

Outfit 1:


This dress always gets me a million compliments, and is shockingly from Forever21! I am recently obsessed with Kendra’s Charlie Grace earrings, which are basically hoops that face forward! This style is old, but they still have it in lighter metals. I paired it with the Sivan Choker, and a older long stone necklace. I love the Sivan because you can wear it forwards or backwards as a choker or statement necklace.

Outfit 2:


This was taken on the day that I shot the other interns’ headshots in Kendra’s office! I’m a huge fan of a plain white dress with fun colored accessories, and this particular one is actually from my time in Italy! My super fun earrings are from someone I really admire- a young entrepreneur Whitney Woodard! Definitely check out her pieces- these green earrings are her Mini Tassel Earrings. I actually paired them with a winter piece from Kendra Scott which is really fun and adjustable- The June Long Necklace.

Outfit 3:

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The iconic front lobby of Kendra Scott is so aesthetic and I may or may not have taken a million pictures in front of it…. I’m currently obsessed with this Beehive Pantsuit! Any of y’all who know me know I live and breathe for Beehive Boutique, and would recommend it to anyone! My jewelry was not from KS in this one, but my drusy rock bracelet is really similar to some of their drusy pieces.

Outfit 4:


Obviously need an outfit for going to sushi… My favorite piece I have right now from Kendra is definitely this necklace. It’s super adjustable, and I love it as a choker. They have the Olive Necklace in all three metals and it’s the perfect summer piece. Speaking of summer, the Julia Band Ring is such a dainty, pretty, ring that can be paired with really anything. It comes in so many colors and is super versatile. I needed the perfect ring all summer since- did I mention- the Kendra office has a nail bar for employees. Goals. My dress is from Beehive again! Shocking, I know. My braid is inspired by the hair GODDESS Chrissy Rasmussen from Habit Salon in Arizona. Go follow her and bless your hair needs.

Outfit 5:


This was one of my favorite looks this summer. My off the shoulder pantsuit is so perfect for summer, and from TARGET! Target always has really great off the shoulder things, and is so reasonably priced. Love u Target. I bought these amazing earrings in Greece a few months ago, and since they’re so chunky they needed to be paired with a more delicate necklace. Kendra sells fine jewelry now, and they are gorgeous. I love this particular diamond necklace a lot.  They do have really fun tassel earrings right now as well which are similar to the ones I’m wearing. This picture is in the photo studio, where I spent most of my days!

Outfit 6:


I just recently discovered Wildflower Boutique, which is right below my office, and went a little overboard there. These super cute shorts are from there! Paired with a generic white top and statement necklace, I had to go simple with my Kendras. I am in love with these hoops, and bought them in a few colors.

Outfit 7:

For the interns’ last day, we had a presentation to give to a solid chunk of the company. We wanted to look really professional while still bringing the fun aspect of Kendra to the table, so this was what I came up with! These Diane earrings are maybe my favorite piece right now, and all of the shell colors they come in are stunning. My top and pants are from Wildflower Boutique, and I wanted a pop of color with my heels to keep it fun.


Processed with VSCO with c3 presetProcessed with VSCO with c3 preset


Featured friends:

So many of my intern friends looked amazing on the last day, so I wanted to shout some of them out!



I had such a fabulous time working here and shout out to Jordan Petsy for being the best boss ever!

Huge love to everyone in my internship program and who helped us with everything  Until next time!



*December 2018 update: APPLY for this internship! You won’t regret it!*

Cinque Terre Day Trip

Time to talk major wanderlust: Cinque Terre, Italy!

I think most of us have seen pictures of the gorgeous coast with the insanely colorful buildings, but I had no idea how incredible the area would be in person. My school has an annoying policy where whenever we have a holiday with school off, we have to make it up that Friday. So since we didn’t have time for a full blown weekend trip, we did a day trip through Smart Trip, which was so fantastic! I’m so glad we did it through this company, because the way the tour went was perfect.

The group met at 7am at the train station, where we took a 2.5 hour bus to the first town, Manarola! This town was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and is the one that shows up in the image at the top! We climbed around the rocks and got some of the best views. I would love to go back and take a boat tour or in the summer when it’s warm enough to swim.

We didn’t have much time to spend in this town, but I was in love with all the colors and my personal favorite part- I saw a ton of cats! We went through some random streets looking for hidden gems and were not disappointed.

Next, we took the train to Riomaggiore! This town had so many stores selling lemon candy and other lemon-themed things, which I am always a huge fan of. It’s a great spot to get cute little gifts. We continued to explore, and made some new friends from California and London. In every town, we wanted to see the water, so we all ventured down towards the beach area together. We found so many cute spots and hung out on the rocks again, which I have to warn can be treacherous! Classic Grace move- I saw a crab and fell on the rocks because I was so scared. Other than that, loved it.

The next town we took the train to was perfection. We went to Monterosso, which is the major beach area. The Smart Trips guides gave us some recommendations on places to get lunch and drinks, and we got some of the BEST calamari that is prepared right in front of you. A really great drink place is right next door, so we stocked up before walking down to the beach. Side note- I’m in love with bandanas lately! I’ve been using them in my hair or around my neck as a scarf, and it is so convenient and a cute pop of color if you need one.

There were chairs on the beach that you can lay in, but expect to pay. Since it was only five euros a person, we thought it was worth it. The weather was absolutely perfect, very sunny and in the high sixties, so we were able to bust out our bathing suits! Finally. We laid out for a few hours, and it was so relaxing. How perfect are my friends??

Since spring break was moderately chilly, finally having weather and time to lay out and tan on a beach was so nice. If planning a trip to Cinque Terre, I would say it’s definitely worth it to wait until it starts to warm up. I had wanted to go before, but this was the first weekend of warm weather and I’m so glad I waited. The towns are stunning and I think everyone should try and visit!



Ibiza in March??

I’m very used to Spring Break being when I go to a beach or somewhere warm from Texas, so this year was a little different. It has been very cold in Florence, and we wanted to go anywhere that would be warmer at all, so we thought Spain! Unfortunately, our ideas of Ibiza being a beach and great nightlife were off by a few months. It turns out everything on the island is essentially closed until things warm up.

Okay, so this may have been a mistake to go here during spring break. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Would I recommend it? No. We stayed in the best Airbnb that I definitely would recommend, but didn’t go out much. Basically the only thing we did was order Japanese food and go to a chilly beach pretending it was warm, but that was still really nice! We walked over to Playa De Talamanca and laid out for a few hours, and took these pics. Duh.


I’m so obsessed with all of my Triangl bikinis, but would definitely have gotten a larger top, so if considering buying this bikini, size up in the strapless ones! Also, I’ve definitely gained more than a few pounds living in Italy, but #bodyposi and all that. Love pizza.


I found my new favorite brunch place ever- too bad I probably won’t ever see it again! But if you visit I 100% suggest going here! It was healthy, ridiculously tasty, and right next to the beach! Passion Marina was the name, and the brunch was fantastic. We missed breakfast sadly, but the lunch was still amazing. Maddy was able to eat there, which is always a plus as she is gluten free/dairy free/sugar free. We got some delicious smoothies, and I had a goat cheese salad.


We really really wanted to see Es Vedra, which is apparently a stunning sunset viewpoint, but couldn’t afford the super expensive taxi to get there. So instead, we went to Ses Salines with a bottle of wine to enjoy it from there. It was really pretty, but so cold!! I would suggest to anyone visiting Ibiza- definitely go to Es Vedra. From what we heard and saw on Google, it would have been incredible.


This is when things got funny. A German man and woman saw us from what we assumed was a home, and knew we were cold so they invited us in! After telling ourselves we wouldn’t get murdered, we went in and realized it was more of an outside shack. It still shielded us from the wind, and we met a man named Lutz who was a caretaker of the resort on the beach. It was totally empty since the weather was still bad, so he had the place to himself. We also met his friend, Ulrike, who we found out MODELED IN PLAYBOY. What? We hung out with them for a few hours, then went home.

It was only about a full day in Ibiza, but I’m glad we didn’t spend more time there. It seems amazing when its in full swing, but we definitely went at the wrong time of year. Some places it can be beneficial to visit during off season, but I’m realizing many European places actually shut down during winter. So before visiting, make sure you find out if hotels/restaurants/clubs etc will be open!


Valentine’s Day Lookbook

Valentine’s day is tomorrow, and I am always finding myself looking last minute for outfits! So I decided to make a lookbook with outfit ideas and themes for those of you who do the same.

This first outfit is great for a during the day look that emphasizes pink for V-Day! I love color blocking, especially with blush pink, so I had fun with this outfit. Even though it is still pretty cold in Florence, this was comfortable and easy because of the layering. The super versatile coat is from Zara, which has become my go-to shopping place for everything warm while I’ve been here. My skirt has been a favorite piece for a few years, and was from PacSun, but I have seen many different places that have similar ones. And finally, the fun blouse is from Beehive, which is literally my favorite place to shop in Austin and Fort Worth.

Finally, the purse! My crossbody is from Tory Burch (thanks aunt Jaci and uncle Jim!) but I gave it a fun twist with the strap. It is a sort of copycat of Fendi’s fun purse straps, but was actually super cheap from the local leather market here in Florence.

The second look is a great night out look! I’m all about neutrals these days, and next up is grey. I found this amazing fur vest in one of the local stores here, where you can find anything fur and anything leather you dream of. There are major sales that happen here twice a year, and we came during one of them so we had to take advantage! My shirt,  and pants, not so surprisingly, are from Zara as well! I really love the dark outfit with a dramatic red lip for a night look, especially with the red in the pants. It’s also an easy transition from a day outfit like the one above. My two favorite red lips are Nars lip pencil (the one I wore here) and Mac’s ‘Russian Red’.

For a really girly, delicate look, I always recommend lace! This pretty romper is from Free People a few years ago, but they always have boho outfits that are very similar. Accessories are a great addition to a white piece, like fun rings or colorful necklaces! I also love a textured/messy half up half down hair style to contrast the elegance of an all white outfit.


Finally, a look that can be worn day or night, and that is classic with a little edge! I found this blouse in a local store for so cheap, and thought it was a little too business-casual, so I wore black under it to spice it up a little bit. I’m always a fan of a good all black or white and black outfit, and a pop of color on the lips to finish it off. The little bit of lace on the blouse also gives it a little something! Pants and shoes are from Zara, duh.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let me know which look was your favorite in the comments and make sure you are email subscribed for my next post!