I never really had Athens on my bucket list, but it was on our route to get home, and I really like it! Anyone who likes history will have a good time there, and since I just took Greek and Roman Mythology this semester, I had some background knowledge in the ruins which made it a fun thing to go see. We only had about 24 hours there, and spent a solid amount of the day laying out by the pool again. The hotel we were staying at, the Hilton Athens, has an indoor and outdoor pool, which is cool. The weather was perfect, so we chose the outdoor one, where I had a really yummy smoothie.


We recuperated, then decided to go see some of the famous Athenian sites! The hotel was amazing about recommending a few places we could see in our short time. We did not realize that the Acropolis has lots of different buildings that were iconic, so we spent a solid amount of time looking at things like the temple of Athena. The Acropolis is quite literally on top of the city, so the view is vast.

Once we were back, we made reservations to go to the Galaxy Bar/restaurant, which is on the rooftop of the hotel. I assumed it would be pretty, but it was even better than we realized. It has one of the best views of Athens in the city, and just a really cool vibe in general. The interior has dark moody lights, and the outside has a perfect view to watch the sun set. We had two amazing cocktails, and my favorite- sushi!

On our way out, we were able to grab a quick breakfast at the Executive Lounge, which I think is a really cool feature Hiltons have. We got to munch on some tasty breakfast while enjoying the view one last time.

I was so impressed with the staff at this hotel, and the Galaxy Bar/restaurant is definitely worth checking out! Athen is super cool for anyone who knows about mythology, so read up and put this next on your vacation list 🙂




I’m sure you have all seen the iconic pictures of places like Mykonos and Santorini, but they really do not do them justice. Elizabeth and I weren’t really sure what to expect, but were totally blown away by this area. First and foremost- there are cats everywhere! Super cute, but obviously problematic as all of them are not fixed. We arrived to Mykonos very early Friday morning to the Boheme hotel, where we were very warmly greeted. The staff was so kind and welcoming, and took our luggage while we were offered breakfast. The lobby area and pool area took our breath away, so we had some amazing omelets while we enjoyed the view.

They were able to check us in early, which was a huge plus, and gave us the keys which were a really cute touch! They are handmade and each key is different, which is special. When we went to our room, they showed us this incredible suite with a gorgeous view and a private Jacuzzi on the outside. I had such a wonderful experience with the hotel and the staff, and would recommend it to any friends going to Mykonos.

After recovering, we decided to go into town. Beware- the shopping is SO good and I am returning home dirt poor. Oh, well. We made our way towards the famous windmills, which were really cool to see in person. The town is so beautiful everywhere you look, with mostly white and blue buildings and really cool stones on the streets. All of the stores drew us in, with local paintings, handmade jewelry, and perfect souvenirs to bring back to family and friends. And although I’m sure they are all disease infested, the cats are everywhere and usually very friendly! So we made some new friends.

We were totally exhausted, so we didn’t go out, but Mykonos is supposed to have really good nightlife so I would suggest finding some fun places and taking part in that. We did go out for a sushi dinner, which was amazing. Koursaros was delicious, but super expensive, which we did not know in advance. So adults, definitely go, but students like me- probably look elsewhere.

I loved Mykonos, and hope you get to see it one day! Make sure to leave lots of room in your suitcase, because the shopping is too good. Comment your bucket list vacation below 🙂